LACC Cohort 5, Bianca Vobecky, Vobecky Enterprises was featured on Wells Fargo Stagecoach during 2018 Rose Parade.  In honor of the parade’s 2018 theme, “Making A Difference,” Vobecky was selected as one of three riders to represent a real-life example of the company’s commitment to improving the lives of its customers, team members and communities it serves. Vobecky was selected as an example of propelling minority and women-owned businesses to thrive. After working in the construction industry for a decade, Bianca started a freight and general contracting company that focuses on military, utility company and government facilities — out of her home office in 2006. After moving her business accounts to Wells Fargo in 2007, she collaborated with her banker to learn about managing finances and improving both her personal and business credit. Today, Vobecky Enterprises has nine full-time and two part-time employees, and has continued to grow yearly.