Sempli is an award-winning product design company. Its design philosophy is deeply rooted in the founder Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro’s dual Swedish and Italian heritage. The design combines Sweden’s simple functionality with Italy’s style and elegance—Swedish functionality designed in Italy.

How did 10KSB help you?
Money and metrics. I learned the difference between a balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Now I can communicate better with my accountant and actually contribute to the forecasting of my business. I learned the true meaning of working on the business instead of in the business.

Tell us about a challenge you’ve faced in your business.
Managing cash flow for inventory, especially since we manufacture abroad because the minimums are higher, has been challenging. Our money is tied up in inventory.

What do you enjoy about being a small business owner?
The flexibility of life and being in charge of my own life. I have set up the business so I can take a trip and know the business will be standing when I get back.

Since graduating from the 10KSB Program, is there an accomplishment or goal you’re particularly proud of achieving?
We have expanded our sales network to 350 retailers, including museum shops in Tokyo and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. We have won three awards for our products including Interior Design magazine’s “Best of Year” award for our beer glasses.

We have also sold our glasses to restaurants and to celebrity chef Michael Chiarello in Napa Valley and to a new hip brewery in the Swiss Alps.