How did 10KSB help you?
The program was very helpful to me as I was used to being part of a $350M organization and then started out on my own in the worst economic downturn in American history. I used every training module like it was water in a desert! Most important for me was the accounting/finance sections. I was excited to learn how you can leverage your business and grow it. The day-to-day accounting KPIs were extremely helpful to see again. KPIs are key to running a successful business for all!

Tell us about a challenge you’ve faced in your business.
We face several challenges. Finding top talent for the available positions at the right time. Finding talent with the unemployment rate at 2.8%, when a rate of 3% usually means most quality people are currently working.

What do you enjoy about being a small business owner?
I really enjoy being part of the small but mighty [community of] business owners who make America great! My connections with the alumni of 10K Small Businesses have been great. The heart of American workers is within these classes for us all to connect with. Each person who runs a small business has a responsibility to their families, employees and clients to continue to do good work for the good of all! Having that support has been incredible!

Since graduating from the 10KSB Program, is there an accomplishment or goal you’re particularly proud of achieving?
My biggest accomplishment has been my expansion. I have hired leaders in our industry to join our team which has enabled me to grow. I have five branches which includes remote workers, stay at home Mom/Dads and engaged staff that makes it all magically happen. Our growth is expected to double by 2020.