How did 10KSB help you?
10KSB has given me the confidence to step fully into my position and focus on growth. I have learned to focus on strategic planning and long-term relationship building and get my eye on the end goal — to raise the value of the company and work towards my exit plan.

Tell us about a challenge you’ve faced in your business.
Ours is a very competitive industry and companies with lower skill-level labor compete to do the same work we do. The challenge is being able to demonstrate the value we bring to the table and show that the old adage is always true — “you get what you pay for.”

What do you enjoy about being a small business owner?
I enjoy my independence and being able to explore and realize my vision and brand. I can set the direction for what kind of company we want to be, and I’m learning to inspire the team to see the vision and believe in it too.

Since graduating from the 10KSB Program, is there an accomplishment or goal you’re particularly proud of achieving?
In the first six months of this year, we have seen an 84% growth in revenue and an 84% growth in Gross Profit. Our Net Profit has gone up a whopping 495%! I have always been a numbers girl but now I am even more closely focused on ratios, trends, margins and statements — they give me the confidence that we are steering our company in the right direction. I know it will not always be smooth sailing and there have been months where I have lost sleep, but I can see the end goal now and I am hopeful we will get there! I cannot be more grateful to have the community of other 10KSB businesses to collaborate with. In the last 10 months, I have received business referrals, outsourced marketing, benefitted from mentoring and just developed wonderful friendships and identified key business resources. I strongly recommend the program to any small business owner trying to get to the next level in their business!